switch~ at eTown Hall Speaker Selection

Have you ever wondered…

…what Doomsday Preppers can teach us about selling green?

…why the pitchforks are coming for our utilities and what we can do about it?

…how we can get beyond incremental fixes to build our energy future?

…what we really mean by “utility of the future?”

…where hybrid rickshaws and digital kerosene will take us?

We don’t know the answers to these questions yet, but you can! Buy your ticket to switch~ at eTown Hall today!

Once again, this community has risen to the occasion and flooded us with high quality, thought provoking energy topics for the next switch~. It was tough, but we’ve made our selection and are already counting down the days to another fabulous event! This switch~ is loaded with talented speakers covering topics ranging from energy in our local communities to international sustainability advances. View our speaker bios here!

switch~ Speaker Selections

Is “more of better less”? Brad Queen
Cube Resources
The Pitchforks Are Coming Chuck Ray
E Source
What We Talk About When We Talk About The Utility Of The Future Dan Cross-Call
Rocky Mountain Institute
What Doomsday Preppers Teach us about Selling Green Danielle Vitoff
Creating Digital Kerosene Julia Alvarez
Elephant Energy
Building our Energy Future — Why we need to go beyond the incrementalist approach Justin Spencer
Solar Thermal Laurent Meillon
Capitol Solar Energy
Surya Conversions: The Rise of the Hybrid Rickshaw Maithreyi Gopalakrishnan
Surya Conversions LLC
Creating meaning in energy science Rudy Kahsar
University of Colorado Energy Club
China’s Great Coal Migration Richard Martin
Navigant Research
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