switch~ Speakers Announced!

Submissions are in, votes have been tallied and WOW, what a show this switch~ is going to be! We were so floored by the outstanding caliber of this year’s submissions, we couldn’t resist adding two more speakers for a final count of twelve awesome energy and sustainability presentations.

Get your tickets now for this can’t miss, sure to sell out event featuring Soviet hummers, ocean forests, 111d, lots of solar, the future of transportation and the electric utility and much more!

switch~ Speaker Selections

How is a Coal Plant Like a Soviet Hummer? Zane Selvans
Clean Energy Action
Making Friends With 111d Neil Kolwey
Ocean Forests: Global Ocean Restorative Development Don Piper
Ocean Foresters
Empowering Citizens on Energy and Sustainability:

From Alphabet Soup to a Feast for Change
Andrea Gelfuso Goetz
The Power of Story & Sustainability James Scott Brew
Power to the People: Zero Net Energy Occupancy Cullen Choi
Brendle Group
From Here to There: The Next Step in Transportation Claire Henly
Rocky Mountain Institute
The Electric Utility of the Future:

A Radical Enviro Defense of the CO Status Quo

Eric Blank
Community Energy Solar
The Evolution of Solar Finance Peter Swank
Solar Powered Electric Cars Finally Affordable! Adam Stenftenagel
Snugg Home
Charting the Future of Capitalism Kim Coupounas
B Lab
Power to the People with Solar-Electric Water Heaters Larry Bingham
Bingham Energy LLC
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