What Do Energy Geeks, Rock Music, and Laptops Have in Common?

by Bill LeBlanc  –  switch~3 MC, amateur comedian, and Chief Instigation Officer           

Image“Smaller trash cans reduce energy use?”
“Lights and Sex?”
“Gamification, Fracking, Butch Cassidy, Waste Heat?”

Sounds like another great evening for switch~3.

I go to about 10 conferences a year, but nothing compares (in a good way) to Boulder’s own switch~. I’ve had the good fortune to MC each of these entertainment/knowledge-sharing/networking/fun events so far, and I’ve never seen people so excited to listen to energy and sustainability nerds talk about their mother’s carbon footprint, their space travel energy savings plans, or their comparing conservation to downhill skiing. You never know what’s going to come next.

The spirit of the event is something you can’t describe well in writing. For example, one brilliant PhD researcher was going through his highly dense graphs, while each slide automatically advanced in 15-second intervals (one of the”charms” of the switch~ format). He realized he was in deep water, but something unexpected happened; instead of the audience writing off the next few minutes and looking at their smart phones, they started cheering him on. “Go for it!”. “Bring in home” yelled the audience. He stopped looking nervous, smiled, and plodded through his amazing yet complex slides to great approval. Now that’s community.

Speakers will challenge you with their new ideas, leaving their “safe” zone, laying it out there, and showing them support is what we do. I can just say, when people go to switch~, they don’t want to miss the next one. You will be inspired. See you on October 29th at the Fox.

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