switch~ is on!

Yep, we’re tuned up to roll out yet another switch~!! Hopefully that makes you smile, as it does us looking ahead at the upcoming event, again at the Fox Theatre -October 29, 2013- in Boulder CO.  As we ponder how to tell a story, pontificate a point, or to orate a monologue.. we’re all reminded of the great Martin Luther King Jr on this 50yr anniversary [March on Washington] and his ability to paint an undeniable illustration of the immediate future, somewhat of an analogue to our environmental challenge today.  Not to diminish a pivotal moment in the social justice movement of its day, ongoing, rather to point to inspiration for the environmental justice movement of our day.

switch~3 Call For Speakers September 3rd / Submission Spt 17th

Tix on Sale October 1st

Read I Have a (Climate) Dream at Think Progress


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