Wanna Speak at switch~2? Sure you do!

You…YES, YOU. 

Come on, you know you have some wild idea about energy and sustainability. The thing you mull over in the shower – the ‘what if we just did it like this?’ that you drop on your colleagues when you’re hanging around the water cooler.

Well, this is your chance.

You’ve got five minutes (long enough to have fun, not so long that you’ll struggle to find stuff to say.) Twenty seconds per slide, and we will auto-advance them. FOR REAL. Trust us, it’s long enough to say plenty.

If this was enough to get you reaching for your Powerpoint template, then read on:

– switch~2 is about sustainable energy. If your topic has nothing to do with this, you won’t be selected.

– No sales pitches or company presentations. You can mention a company…but it has to be in the context of your idea.

– We totally agree, Powerpoint is not awesome. However, we had to choose one format to keep our talented and overworked tech lead, Alana, from going insane. Thus, Powerpoint. Deal with it.

Topic submissions are due by September 23, 2012. To submit a topic, please fill out this short/painless form.

– We’ll notify all applicants if they’re in or out by September 27.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! You can reach our speaker guru, James, at speakers.switchenergy@gmail.com

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