switch~1 recap!

On 3.6.12 an amazing thing happened – 250 people gathered at the Absinthe house to hear a handful of local experts.  Ok, maybe that’s not so amazing.  But what was amazing was the energy level in the room.  The event was a blast for the audience and the speakers… everyone was geeking out on energy!

The speakers were challenged to inspire listeners through story, about “energy”, in just five minutes.  A couple of things were learned at this event.  First, bend the rules because we’re not going to get very far very fast drawing within the lines.  Second, energy and the people doing it are progressive and a bit edgy!  Even so, most of the videos are posted here on YouTube.  As you view these we hope you find inspiration within.

The next switch~ event is penciled in for October of this year.

In Energy,

The Switch~ Team

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